My Book

ive only told a few people about my “accomplishment” today. I submitted it yesterday and have been fiendishly setting up all my Author accounts for Social Media! I’ve got FB, Twitter and Tumblr set, but now I must waiting. I need to begin with advertising….

This is the inside cover of my book. I’m so awed by what I’ve done.

Glad to Be Here

So, I’ve just submitted my first manuscript to a publishing company that has been with me and patiently waiting for 4 years! I’m so nervous as to what people will think. I’ve gotten several opinions from friends and other authors who say that I should be proud of my accomplishment. That I should be ecstatic about having finished it and only the obstacles I create for myself are the ones that will make me stumble.

I can’t wait for you to read it! Be on the look out for J. S. Danielle’s “His Perfect One”

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