Eclectically Sexual Thoughts

Afternoon Lovelies!!!

Guess who’s on Amazon Music’s Podcasts????


It’s ya girl!!! Not just iHeart, Spotify, iTunes or Google Podcasts but AMAZON MUSIC!

Time to make a run for the aaaaaaallllcohoooollllllll!

I must give respect where it’s due and shout out my Day 1’s – my daughter, Yaya who said I should. My friend and faithful follower/listener/critiquer, B. All of those who’ve been chiming in and giving me good topics and/or experiences to discuss. And last but not least my Publisher and fellow Author in this world, Mr. ‘Chapter 38’ himself, Willie J. LeBlanc – picked me up when I didn’t think anyone would and gave me the idea to even podcast! You’re my air, Willie Will (*he hates that)!

I love y’all!


Tune in Friday Nights @ 9:15pm!!!

Eclectically Sexual Thoughts

Morning Lovelies!

Just recently I had a familiar request that his ass be licked.

Now I’m not opposed to the idea, as long as he does his part and washes it – feel me? Or better yet, start our situationship in the shower so that bitch can be sure!

I’ve had several conversations where guys are vehemently opposed to having a girl stick anything remotely in the vicinity of their ass/holes! ANYTHING!

I’m asking my followers, readers and fellow bloggers :

Ladies: would you lick a man’s ass? Would you be offended if he did? Would you think him ‘gay’ if so?

Fellas: would you let a woman lick ya ass? If so, how do you ask her? Do you think having your ass licked or poked is ‘gay’?

Let me know…


Eclectically Sexual Poetry

Anticipation surely kills, knowing you’re coming in all manner of ways makes it real. Waiting for you to come to me, submit and give me all of you. Even if just for a few stolen moments, I am advantageous of each thing you do…to my body and the core inside me. Tremors course through me and the smiles are devious, doing it in secret and under the covers.

I’m soaking, dripping with pleasure. Creaming with the utmost excitement, giving into your desires and devilish intent. Whatever? You say, shocked I would do that for you. Whatever. I reply, easily retorted with a wanton sigh.

You make me feel real, human even. My body exist on mountainous plains of your satiating regions. My temple is appeased and thirst is quenched, cumming from your tortuous attacks with your mouth, hands and dick make for the best orgasms ever sensed.

JSD – Eclectically Sexual Poetry

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