Eclectically Sexual Poetry

I can’t even pretend to explain, the feelings through my legs, when you touched me there, like your fingers knew where I needed fulfillment and competed it’s requested action.

Playing a tune only you and my clit conjured up, shaky legs and wetness before I cum. Banging my head before I could stop it, questioning our discovery and not wanting to allow it. Secretly I cum and loudly I beg, please I say and I don’t care you reply, I’m getting mine…

Pussy, you mean. God I hope so the way you long-stroke, deep inside and back out again. Holding it still inside the throbbing I feel. Bent over and slamming the walls, maintaining my composure so no one hears out there at all. Quiet. Who the fuck can be? I’m trying stuffed full of at least 9 inches inside me.

I wanna keep packing it in, relentless you maintain it’s course, holding my hips for dear life and giving this wet-assed pussy no remorse. Shit. I’m about to cum again! How do I do that? Drip drip down my leg and hearing my gush and your slightest fuck, I can’t wait.

I needed that. Damn right, I did. You wanted this. Fuck yeah, you took it.


Eclectically Sexual Sounds

Morning Lovelies!!!

On tonight’s episode of Eclectically Sexual Sounds, we’ll be discussing what makes us tick! More specifically and importantly, what is our schtick…as in, what’s your kink???

Lesson 19: “The ‘Kink’ I Can’t Live Without”, delves into what makes people’s erogenous zones jumpstart? What makes ‘your nature rise’? What gets your panties wet? Is it a well known and familiar link? Is it something totally abnormal or unheard of? Could you admit it? Maybe you have like-minded kinksters and don’t know it!!

Tonight we’ll delve into a few and discuss some tigers that are seemingly weird but subconsciously familiar!

Join me tonight at 9:15pm on wherever you get your podcasting pleasures for Eclectically Sexual Sounds!


Eclectically Sexual Sounds

Live on Spreaker @ 9:15pm

Friday night’s topic on Eclectically Sexual Sounds the difference between ‘cumming’ and orgasms, faking it and who’s it for?


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