Eclectically Sexual Thoughts

Yesterday, my fun buddy was at work with me, but he’d worked ten days in a row and this was the end of day 10, making him ‘dead tired’. So we didn’t meet up fuck like we normally would, but I kinda had sympathy on him. The horniness inside me couldn’t keep her hands to herself, so I sort of took advantage of his sleepy state and unzipped his uniform pants.

I kinda just held his penis for a minute. Relishing in the feel and size of it. He is so thick and beautiful, a handful in my hand, but soft and smooth to the touch. But then, in all my reverie, his penis began to grow in my hand. I won’t lie. I got so wet, my mouth watered. He leaned back and stretched, but he was so drugged with sleep. I continued to hold it, but then I spit on it to work up a slick feel and I massaged it some more. When I couldn’t do anything else I put him in my mouth. Tonguing the head and licking his shaft, I stood to pull my pants down.

I came off with a ‘pop’ and sat on it.

That’s when he woke up. He grabbed ahold of my hips and was moaning “fuck” and squeezing my hips really tight. He just let me work and grind, one of his hands went to the middle of my back. I think he leaned more into my thrusts and it just became more than he could handle. So then I began to bounce up and down, slow & hard, then kegeling on my way up. Using my muscles to squeeze his dick, when I was a n my way up, then releasing when I went down.

He was up for sure now, wide awake and I turned to face him. I could feel my clit running and grinding up against his dick and shaft; both of us were trying not to be noisy, but it was hard. I was so fucking turned on and he’d gotten fully erect and solid, so the only thing I could think of was to kiss him.

I was grinding faster and faster, sucking his tongue and holding him close. He squeezed my hips so hard, but then he raised my shirt and was palming my titties, playing with my rings – that shit went straight to my pussy!!! I could feel everything. I was even more turned on and excited for the orgasm I was about to have. I could feel him thicken like he was about to bust.

We stopped kissing to look at each other and when the orgasm hit, it was as close as I’d ever been to him. His eyes so brown and pupils so wide, like he was high on fucking me. I’m sure I looked just as wild and turned up as he. I was shuddering and trying to come down, feeling him throb inside me, his cum and mine mixed and sliding out. He smiled and was like “Fuck breakfast, I’m gonna sleep real damned good this morning!”


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Eclectically Sexual Thoughts

Morning Lovelies!

This morning I want to give props where props are due…to a fella who I can’t help but answer the requests of despite my usual plans, my original thought on how it might be inconvenient or something I should rethink.

I can’t tell him “no”.

Okay, yeah I can…but I don’t want to. Neither does he. He does to my body what a handful can. He takes the time to know what I like and does what I fucking like! Notice: I said only a handful. He makes time. Not just taking his time but the very opportunity to make use of said time.

He’s why Eclectically Sexual Sounds’ final episode did not occur. When I got the phone call and there was an ‘opportunity’…hell, I took it. So what the plan was for tomorrow?

We got it in that night and the next because he made time. Do I want him for myself? Nah. But when he wants me for himself? Damn right, I’m there.

So when a conversation was us about what he liked, I do my very best to listen and be attentive because there is always the potential of not being the only one (of me), that is. So…shout out to my addiction, my reason for my A.D.D. and the guy who makes me drip drip drip with the idea of our meeting!

Someone once said, and I’m paraphrasing, “It’s a sad situation when ‘hoes’ are side pieces for dudes they fuck with.” I’ve always said that’s a role you to prepare for: taking the responsibility of the consequences that may or may not happen, knowing your role/place/position and don’t overstep.

When you’re ready for the big league? It won’t matter that he’s not yours. You won’t care about that. Just the time allotted between two individuals whore looking for the gratification of one another.

Then? On to the next…see you Friday!!!


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Eclectically Sexual Sounds

Morning Lovelies!!!

Tonight is the final episode of Season Four’s, Eclectically Sexual Sounds! Episode 20 closes out a season filled with even more erotic conversations than last season!

By the time Season Five begins, J.S. is sure to have culminated a plethora of topics sure to perforate your sexual ears!

Tune in tonight at 9:15pm for the season’s end via your choice of podcast streaming services!


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